Fashion Items that Young Parents Love

This generation is a very stylish and fashion generation and that doesn’t stop when they become parents. Because of this, the baby product industry is drastically changing to fit the needs of this new and evolved demographic of parents. Hence, in a world of increased technological advancement and innovations,  baby products and products for parents are fashionable, provide increased convenience and are even most times technically operable. Below are some fashion-forward items that young parents love

Faux Leather Backpack

Backpacks are one item that has stood the test of fashion time and might quite actually stay relevant forever. Backpacks have become a regular item in both women and men fashion. They line the racks in every clothing and accessory store and can be seen on models in magazines. They come in different shapes, colors and sizes. The backpack continues to grow in popularity and one very popular type is the Faux Leather Backpack. This type of backpack check all the boxes for young and hip millennial parents. It fashionable but also socially conscious. Since its faux leather, buyers don’t have to worry about destroying the environment or participating in animal cruelty for the sake of fashion. In addition to these advantages, the Faux Leather Backpack is also aesthetically pleasing and very fashionable. The insides and outsides are made from fully wipeable faux leather which can be pulled out for easy cleaning or wipe down with a damp cloth. It has 10 pockets on the inside and outside. It even has a keychain hook so you don’t have to scramble around looking for the car keys. It also has other variation that better fit the needs of parents. A variation if this is the faux leather backpack diaper bag. A leather diaper bag offers a great advantage to parents. The leather diaper bag is easy to clean and maintain and it looks really sleek and fancy. It has a minimalist diaper bag that’s easy to match with any outfit the parent chooses to wear that day. They come in various neutral colors in warm and cool hues for the perfect vibe.

The Faux Leather Backpack being introduced into the baby products industry has been an answer to many parents problems. If there’s any demographic that needs the converted convenience that the backpack brings it is definitely millennial parents. Constant running around with kids and on errands, shopping trips, school runs, and road trips. Having a Faux Leather Backpack diaper backpack gives the convenience of still having two hands available to do other things while scrambling through the mall with hyperactive kids and still look fashionable in the process. The Fawn Design’s  Backpack Diaper Bags is unisex so both moms and dads can enjoy its stylish yet functional benefits.

The baby product industry is an approximately 23 billion dollar industry and with 4 million babies born every year in the united states alone. It is a continuously growing industry with new customers on every corner and with new products hitting the markets in tandem. I’m confident this is not the only fashionable but functional product for parents we would be blessed with. The mom jeans and baby joggers are discussed below.

Mom Jeans

Another item young parents love is the mom jeans. It was popular a while back but decreased in popularity but now it’s back with even more intense popularity. Mom jeans are back in style. While the media and fashion houses market it as a new trendy item for young girls the moms are the original fashionistas who knew that mom jeans were a gem all along. Foy young moms this is a wardrobe staple item that must be embraced. Besides their obvious fashionable qualities, mom jeans are easy to wear, easy to move around in, airy and very manageable. For moms chasing toddlers around, carrying babies, bending to pick up toys, driving around on errands and school runs, the mom jeans is one of the best items wear. Stores now carry even more variety options with some mom jeans covered in embroidery, distressed, mid-length and tons of other options. Each mom can find a pair that shows their personality and sense of style.

It is with pointing out that this is more than just for the sake of fashion or a fashion trend. With so many options now available in the market, moms can now combine fashion and functionality when it comes to their style. They don’t have to worry about losing their self in the process of raising a child. Though there’s a lot more that goes into not losing yourself while navigating motherhood, looking good a good step in the right direction.

Baby Joggers

With The rise of fitness culture and staying healthy and active, baby joggers are becoming increasingly very popular. As more and more moms are focused on losing baby weight and staying healthy baby joggers grow from being a fad to being a necessity for parents. Most parents prior went on runs or jogs with their babies in strollers or had to leave their babies at home with a babysitter, with a parent or with a spouse. As more and more parents choose to take babies on runs in the strollers it gave more parents to confidence to do some and in that, a tradition was born and hence the baby jogger. The baby jogger was made specifically for going on jogs. It is lightweight, highly maneuverable in any terrain with options for UV protection with remote control wheels. As mentioned earlier recent moms like to lose their baby weight as quickly as possible. Pop culture events like moms finishing 5 and 10ks with their babies in baby jogger further fuels that need. As moms try to stay healthy and go on jobs with their babies they should keep in mind that staying healthy is the goal and so should go at a pace that suits them avoid feeling pressured and enjoy the process and bonding time with their babies.